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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I only diet when my pants don’t fit. I refuse to buy bigger pants.

Although I still haven’t found my gym “home” yet, I have been extra focused on upping my exercise (thank you Couch to 5k app), eating right, sleeping enough, and all the things that I never did when I was younger. Especially when I was a young mother.

I recently met a fabulous woman on a mission. She launched a retreat for mothers to get away. To be with other (stressed out and sleep deprived) moms. To recharge. To laugh. To sleep.

Sure, you can do that occasionally with the girls at home with a bottle (or 6) of wine. But getting away for 2 days to take care of yourself is something that I would have never thought possible for me 25 years ago.

Her retreat this year is in San Diego ( I am technically still a mother. Sure, my son is 27 and lives 3k miles away. But I think I still qualify. If only to applaud the women that are doing something wonderful for their bodies, minds and souls. And probably their sanity.

And I’m sure any calories consumed over these 2 days won’t count, right?

Unless my pants don’t fit on the flight home…

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