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May Stars

Simply Start Again

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Simply begin again.

That is the mantra of the mindfulness meditation I have been practicing. When you realize your mind is wandering, that your focus is distracted, simply begin again.

In the beginning I struggled with that. The concept of being proud of being aware that I lost focus, rather than beating myself up, was a tough mental adjustment. I am too good at guilt.

If you’ve followed me since the fall, you know I began a “Year of the Gold Star” in attempt to do 3 important rituals every day. Exercise. Meditate. Journal.

I came out of the gate fast and didn’t slip until 12-25. The next months I had gaps here and there, but I realized that in April, I was too lax with my focus. Sure, I might have gotten a star most days, but my efforts were sad. I was going through the motions to get the star. I wasn’t all-in.

So I simply began again. I began to get up early to achieve my star before 9:30, and my productivity has gone through the roof. My focus became clearer.

A gold star. A paycheck. Job performance. Attitude. It is so easy to dial it in when we go through the motions instead of relishing the value of focused habits.

Consistency. Attention. Intent. And the patience to simply begin again.


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