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Fashion District

No Longer Will Smith’s Gallery Mall!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “We headed downtown to the Gallery Mall -MY mom started bugging with the clothes she chose – I didn’t say nothing at first – I just turned up my nose”

Will Smith won’t recognize the newly repositioned “Fashion District Philadelphia” as the mall from his youth. Although before the doors closed in 2015 to prepare for this massive development, The Gallery was sliding into a continuous subterranean death from indeterminate age and wear.

This November, however, new ownership will see if their investment in re-imagined retail will pay off. Over 125 new retail stores (traditional and outlet), restaurants, theatre, indoor and outdoor spaces for gathering and a Times Square feel will span 3 blocks and 1.4 million sq. ft.

This is retail mall space reimagined and repurposed within easy walking distance from a convention center that is always hopping, and in the middle of rapidly growing city living spaces. Oh yes. There will also be parking and connections to public transportation.

Brick & mortar will have a boost of life-support here. Let’s see if imagination, guts and vision are worth the $325 million gamble. I say yes!

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