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Sports Zone

Sports Zone Elite – No Longer Just for Kicks!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. But growth can mean many things.

Growth in expansion, growth in mindset, growth in acceptance of realities. Leaders know which type of growth is needed, when it is needed, and are willing to make tough choices. Which is why it is often lonely at the top.

Last week I had the honor of visiting a Sports Zone Elite store in DC. Finally able to meet CEO Michael Dahan in person (his episode launched my Shock Your Potential Podcast), I toured the store along with John Mastrianni, VP of Sales & Marketing and Nate, the store manager.

Since our taping the company has had to incorporate a number of challenges into their strategy. They are rethinking their product mix, store layout and design, and customer interactions, and more. And they are doing so with grace and vision. And humble honesty.

Brick & mortar can survive, but change is the constant companion. We must be nimble. Accept. Adapt. And then start again. And again. And maybe even again.

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