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Which Way Are You Rowing?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Which way are you rowing your boat?

I love NYC. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps.

I was walking through Central Park across the bridge overlooking happy people rowing boats around the lake. It was a beautiful warm day and everyone was smiling.

After a while I began to notice just how many people were rowing incorrectly. They were in the wrong seat, were rowing in the wrong direction with the oars, or with the bow or all of the above. I have to admit, it put me into giggles more than once.

I saw one man who had been doing everything wrong, working so hard and making very little progress for himself and his 3 companions All of a sudden he looked around at his fellow boaters. I could almost see the lightbulb He immediately switched seats switched directions and began to row easily and effortlessly. His pride wasn’t hurt by the realization. He gained confidence by the adjustment.

I have spoken with lately with so many people who feel like they are flailing in their jobs or their job searches. They feel frustrated but don’t always know why.

It is not always easy to recognize when you may not be rowing the right way, in the right boat, in the right direction. But a fresh perspective could ease your journey.



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