Shock Your Potential



Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Rudy’s in NYC is one of my favorite dive bars. And not just because of the giant pig. They also serve free hot dogs.

Rudy’s is cash only, has some cheap but delicious beer, and booths that are so covered in red duct tape that I am fairly certain they were originally made from it.

Last night we watched a master at play behind the bar. His colleagues were ready for a shift change, and thus a bit distracted. Although he wasn’t on duty yet, he didn’t want us to wait, so he served us early.

His entire persona screamed pride in his job. Dressed impeccably, complete with a sweet cabby flat cap and suit vest, once he clocked in he went to work making certain that “his bar” looked right.

Every beer soon had a coaster. Every inch of bar space was wiped and kept clean. No beer glass got below an inch without an offer for a refill.

In short, he was aware of everything, and everything had to be perfect.

His pride in his job and his workspace was a joy to watch. He made me feel valued, even with my $3 Rudy’s Red Ale. I was important, as was every other person in the crowded space.

Someone told me recently they couldn’t wait to find their Dream Job. This bartender clearly made his job, his own dream. Of perfection.


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