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Getting Older is Ruff

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve spoken recently to 3 managers who each made similar statements: “I still have so much more to give, but I know I am not young anymore.”

Their ages? Mid 60’s, 50’s and 40’s.

Each is going through a transition. A retirement, a RIF (reduction in force), and a company shut-down. They all worry about what they will do next, but their language is defeating them.

I told them each the same thing. Quit using verbiage that makes your head believe you are “too old.” Use only words that remind you, and others, of the wealth of experience you bring to the table.

“I have learned how to skillfully navigate change.”

“One of my greatest assets is the depth of my experience.”

“Both my challenges and successes make me a stronger leader for others.”

“My team trusts my experience, and I learn from them every day.”

“I am able to jump into a new role quickly and easily.”

Meet Lotus. He turned 16 yesterday, which makes him “ruffly” 94-112 in equivalent human years depending on your calculation method. I met him 3 years ago on his morning walk, right after his stroke.

I love him. I love his parents (although I don’t actually know their names). I love how they value him.

Because we all know, he still has much to give.


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