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My Fine Feathered Friends – A Sales Lesson

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I had a salesperson on my team a few years back. He was an impeccable dresser. He had a fabulous personality. He would take any piece of advice and/or training and soak it up with glee.

He just got better and better, every day.

Yesterday I walked by these birds. Someone had kindly left a donut hole for my feathered friends. About 6 birds kept coming back to it, fluttering away when someone would walk to closely.

Except the bird attacking the thing in this pic.

She never left it. No matter how close people got, she just kept at it. She was determined. The scene immediately made me think of Terrance.

To master sales, you need some talent, confidence, and definitely humility. You need to be willing to learn and grow, to stretch beyond your comfort zones.

And like this little bird, if you are truly dedicated to the cause, you will reap great rewards.

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