Shock Your Potential



Why Yes, I DO Work Out!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I decided it is time to join a gym again. I can only motivate myself so far without the peer pressure of a daily class.

My tour, however, was the most disappointing sales presentation ever. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes, brochure in hand, and in shock!
The manager who toured me never introduced himself or shook my hand. He never asked my name.

He walked fast, talking ahead of himself, never seeking my input.
He raced to the “closing table” to outline the costs, never asking what I was interested in, and focusing on the lesser cost of the “no class” membership.

He was proud to say they don’t work on commission, but never asked me if I was ready to sign.

I like to highlight great experiences, but sometimes a lost opportunity is too great not to discuss.

How much would he have gained if he even included one simple question at the beginning? “What brings you in TODAY to tour?”

Why did he assume I was not going to sign up that day?
How many sales does this company miss with a management team that believes they can’t ask for business?

Like in my Lolli & Pops post last week, I came in for a reason. But this time I left without a purchase. Or a partner in my fitness.

Free weights, it’s still just you and me!


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