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Starbucks Tacoma

Coffee Please!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: While in Tacoma, I found myself often in the drive through of the Starbucks on 23rd & Union. It is conveniently located by the Walmart and the Target where I spend most of my time (and money) in while taking care of my grandbabies.

I was thinking about it this morning as I made my coffee at home. Now that I live on the East coast (and don’t own a car), I never find myself in the drive-up businesses that are the life-blood of the Pacific Northwest.

On the morning that I took this pic, I started out car #9 in line, and yet had my coffee within about 4 minutes. Pretty impressive!

But what I really love about this location is the quality of the customer experience.

These busy drive-through baristas are chatty and happy and make you feel like you’ve had a valuable human connection when you pull away. I have never felt like a number, nor felt that they needed me to keep moving to keep the line moving.

It is so easy to be busy being busy. So easy to forget that volume doesn’t have to mean speedy interactions. This team has crafted the art of conversation while crafting my Grande Vanilla Soy Latte, extra hot.

And now, it’s time to get back to my sad coffee at home…. Or maybe time to my neighborhood Starbucks!


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