Shock Your Potential


Derrick Pitts

Take a Left at the next Galaxy

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Yesterday I took a trip into space. It was awesome!

I learned that you can simulate galaxy clusters by filling a sink with soapy bubbles, and that in my lifetime we likely will be able to travel from the US to Hong Kong in an hour thanks to space technology.

Derrick Pitts is the Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute, yet that position is just one of many. He spoke at a “Lunch with the City’s Leaders” yesterday, and I could have listened to him for hours.

He talked about the commercialization of space exploration, and why putting a Tesla wasn’t a bad idea.

He has as much passion for the stars as he does in his commitment to help our youth, especially the underprivileged, to consider a life in the sciences. He wants them to put down their phones and start looking through the lens of a telescope.

April 28, 24 telescopes will be available throughout Philly, allowing adults and children alike to gaze at the stars and spark their wonder. This is only one of hundreds of ways the Franklin Institute teaches and inspires, yet it made me think of how few children even know what a telescope is.

What a great way to remember how small we are, no matter how many Instagram followers you have.

But follow him there anyway.


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