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The Orchestral Sounds of 13 Coins

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: One of my favorite places to eat in Seattle is 13 Coins. It is open 24 hours a day, serves amazing food, and offers a number of seats right in the action at the kitchen.

This time I paid close attention to the flow of the kitchen as the chef called out orders and each person worked their station. It was a beautiful thing, seemingly chaotic unless you listened and really watched.

Everyone had to pay attention, to the chef, to their fellow teammates, to the servers running in and out. If any individual wasn’t watching closely, they would quickly let the entire system down.

It made me think about how many times in a company people can get blinders on to others around them, focused only on their job. But a company, or a restaurant, is much like an orchestra. It must operate in tandem in order to create beautiful music.
Although my poor video shows just a small glance (forgive my finger that creeps into view), you can hear each individual musician, see how they are committed to the entire piece, feel the vibrato and sense the crescendo through the fire.

And in the multitude of sights and sounds, there is perfect harmony.


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