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For the Love of Marriott

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: When I go to visit my son and grandchildren, I often spend the last night at the SeaTac Airport Marriott. After all, who wants to make a 7am flight while trying not to wake toddlers at 4am? Frankly, who wants to wake up at 4 when you can sleep until 5?

And who wouldn’t want to actually SLEEP the night before a cross-country flight?

As I checked in I was sharing stories from my week, and commented that after I returned my rental car, I was looking forward to a nice glass of wine and a big comfy bed without a squirming 3.5 year old in it.

When I returned to my room, this was waiting for me.

I just stood there and looked for a moment. And frankly, I might have teared up just a bit. I was exhausted…

Yes, I am Lifetime Platinum with Marriott. Yes, I have stayed at this hotel numerous times. But the value of this gift, to me, is well beyond all of that. Katie truly listened to me, heard what I didn’t say, and took it upon herself to do this thing for me. Just for me.

I knew I couldn’t drink more than a glass that night so I wrapped it up in my suitcase, and went down to the lobby bar to buy a glass. To give back.

And tonight I am going to open this up, now home and relaxed. And toast Katie and Marriott.


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