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Swarovski Dream

The Swarovski Sparkle

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I love things that sparkle. And from my very first job in a high end jewelry store where we sold tiny Swarovski crystal figurines, I have been fascinated by the company.

I went in Friday to purchase some earrings. Of course, I wanted everything is this Atelier Collection by Mary Katrantzou. I just need to find the right reason my husband needs to buy them for me! Or in case Swarovski is reading this, I would be happy to accept them as a gift.

Never hurts to try…

What I also love about Swarovski is their talented and attentive staff. These folks know their product and breathe customer service.

I worked with Robert this time at the Walnut Street location in Philly. Impeccable dresser, fabulous sense of humor, a perfect mix of professionalism and humanity.

Since I was also finally replacing my two damaged rings that I wear as wedding bands, he heard my confession. I damaged them and lost crystals because I cleaned them in the dishwasher. A few times.

Poor guy. He was trying so hard not to laugh at me.

People like Robert evolve a brand. They make you want to shop in a store where you can see and touch and dream.

And they make me want to continue a relationship with a company that truly sparkles.


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