Shock Your Potential



Cookies or Cupcakes Anyone?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What role do your senses play in an amazing customer experience? What does the smell of a freshly baked chocolate cupcake, merged with the cold application to a warm face, play in your belief in a product? I may also have a secret desire to eat this face mask out of the jar while standing at the fridge…

Sometimes I think my senses rule me, but that isn’t a bad thing.

Once upon a time, I was a Marketing Director for nursing homes. We had the oldest buildings in town, and the competition was building sparkling new places all around us. One of my receptionists told me that she toured one of the new places one day. I was panicked because I thought she would rather work there than in our old, but loveable, buildings.

Instead she said “That place smelled like popcorn and happiness. Our buildings smell like sick people and PineSol.” I was devastated.

But her condemnation also came with a solution. “I think we should bake cookies near my desk. Then when family comes to visit or tour, it smells like home.”

Soon a cookie oven sat at every front desk.

A simple solution to a problem of emotion, and senses. And a reminder to always look, smell and feel through the eyes of the customer.

Just don’t eat the face mask.


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