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Be the Change

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: One of the greatest joys I have had on this journey of writing, speaking and now hosting my podcast is the ability to network again within my community.

Today, as a part of a series about Women Changing the City, 4 talented and diverse panelists delivered powerful messages.

Helen Gym, a Philadelphia Councilwoman At Large discussed topics such as the state of the public schools and the fragility of homelessness with poignant clarity.

Amber Hikes, Executive Director of the Office of LGBT with the City, challenged us to look at the person, not the label.

Rakia Reynolds, CEO of Skai Blue Media raised my awareness to leave the labels like millennials, Gen-X, age, and race behind, and instead focus on the multiple ways we all consume information.

And Nicole K. Allen White, Director of Government and External Affairs with the Museum of Art challenged us to seek solutions rather than over-analyze.

Each woman brought passion, experience and honesty to the table. They spoke about the people who were mentors, coaches, guides and supports. The people that opened doors for them.

That is a responsibility we all bear. Help those around or behind us. Open a door. Invite them to the table. Be the change. And pass it on.


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