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Jiffy Pop

Gather ‘Round the Jiffy Pop

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately. I’ve been going through boxes of pictures and mementos, organizing things that I have meant to for years.

The things that tie us to our past are powerful. They can brings smiles and tears, happiness and melancholy. But each piece is also a part of us that no one else will ever know the way we do.

I still have one yellow post-it note with nothing written on it. I took it off a stack in the room of a friend in the 7th grade. She had just passed away and our class was invited to her home after her funeral. One day my son will find that in my things, think it was a mistake and throw it away. That’s ok. It only means something to me anyway.

My popcorn maker died the other day. We are so strange that we don’t have a microwave. The only thing I miss is microwave popcorn.

While searching Amazon the other day I decided to look up an old favorite. Jiffy Pop. Turns out you can buy it by the case! Don’t tell my husband. He’ll never know….

Jiffy Pop makes me a child again. I am 10 once more, at the stove in the house I grew up in, proud to be allowed to shake the aluminum pan on the hot burner. Trusted with responsibility. So much ahead of me. And now a piece of me forever.


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