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Leadership in Spring Cleaning

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: As we brace for a third Nor’easter, Spring is on my mind. In between periods of work I take a break by cleaning a cupboard or a drawer. I am peaceful when my “house” is in order.

Tulips and sunflowers are my favorite of all. The first herald in the life of Spring. The latter eases me into Autumn. I couldn’t help but buy a bouquet yesterday.

As I put them in the vase a couple broke off. Two sad looking buds and a few sprigs of baby’s breath didn’t look like they would make it. I almost threw them away.

Instead I grabbed a pretty champagne flute and gave them a shot. This morning they were bright and alive and in as much glory as their friends.

It made me think of people I have lead in my career. Some were broken. Bruised. Uncertain. I threw some of them away. I didn’t have time or energy to waste. I had big important things to accomplish.

There were also times when I poured too much emotion and time and mental energy on some who never cared, that I lost sight of the stars who were rising.

I see it now as a balance. Energy for energy. Effort for effort. And sometimes a champagne flute, just because.

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