Shock Your Potential


Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I recently had an overwhelming desire for a croissant. I was walking past an Au Bon Pain, and the smell of freshly baked goods was in the air. Darn them.

This sign caught my attention. Simple. Unassuming. Even charming. Yet it is a powerful marketing tool.

Cloaked as a reminder to people not to reach their grubby hands into the case, it conveys a simple but powerful message.

We make “Delicious Bakery Items”.

We all make statements about our work, our companies, our products, our lives. Some are clear and positive. Some are cloaked in sarcasm. Others are versions of a selfie.

The words we choose, the tone, the tenor, even our bodies, tell a tale that we aren’t always aware of. Last year I met a woman who was afraid for her job. Her sales numbers were way off and she was on a PIP.

When I asked her about her company and product, her distaste was clear. “Why do you want this job?” I asked. “Because I need it.”

An hour later, and a wee bit of Sherlock therapy, she saw it. Needing has nothing to do with belief, excitement, and, of course, success.

She works elsewhere now. Her love of the product brought her to the company. She has embraced it all. She is a walking billboard. She is the sign.

No need for a tissue.


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