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Learning Like a Child

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The Franklin Institute is an amazing place. On any given day it is filled with abundance. Children of all ages find fun in science.

This weekend we found an area where someone was letting kids touch the parts of an eyeball. (OK, that grossed me out.) Another area, kids were connecting circuits to light lightbulbs. Here two kids were racing each other in a video game powered by their arms. Wii before Wii!

These kids were all learning by doing. They were actively involved and aware.

I recently met up with a young man, new to sales and early in his career. He had to read manuals for training, and he felt he had never been a good student. He was struggling.

I had him look around the coffee shop. “What can you learn from sales when you look in this room?”

His initial answers involved everything behind the counter. “Look farther.” I said.

After a little more prompting, he saw the meetings happening around us. A vendor trying to get his card through to the manager. Even the copy of my book I brought for him was sitting on the table for a reason. We then took that idea to his industry.

His circuits connected. The lightbulb was lit. We peddled together. And powered the vehicle of learning.


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