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Cutting the Cord…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Something wonderful happened this week. Following a moment of panic…

When we vacation, my husband and I dedicate 1 hour each day to do “work stuff.” We do this to reduce our stress on the many things that still need to be kept in motion. And we do this together, often juggling dueling keyboards or tandem conference calls while in hotel slippers.

On Monday, after posting my blog, my computer failed me. I could see emails on my phone, but couldn’t respond. Emails failed to come through on my computer. I felt a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Then I realized something. I could simply unplug. For real. And all the way.

Yes, I missed 3 blog posts. I even failed to air a podcast episode. It was glorious!

We always leave our phones locked away in the hotel safe, but this time I really looked at the people around me. How many were posting on FB while they were at the beach? How many couples were engrossed in their phones and not each other?

We smiled, and laughed, and took long beach walks. I took 4 pics the whole week.

I begin again today with a greater sense of peace, so thankful for the time with my husband. And the ability to cut the cord.

Since the universe sent me a sign…


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