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Sun Palace Breakfast

I Am A Purveyor of Previously Owned Transportation Devices…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Used car salespeople have a bad rap. I mean, have you ever heard someone at a cocktail party say “I’m a Used Car Salesperson!” with glee?

They might say “I’m a purveyor of previously owned transportation devices.” or “I match vehicles with their second owners.” After all, “Used Car Salesman” has become synonymous with bad business practices and sleazy selling techniques.

In 2007 I had my first “time-share” experience, buying in to an all-inclusive resort.

I had a plan. I stuck to the plan. And I was willing to walk away. I negotiated like nobody’s business.

Being a student of all things sale I always go to the “update” meeting where I frustrate hopeful salespeople.

This time I just wanted to relax. I had no plan to go, and from the moment we checked in, the sell was on. Things like “your breakfast is on us!” when the breakfast is included regardless. Elevated timeline pressures that mean nothing but do create a sense of urgency.

When I delivered the final “no thank you,” we were moved to the B Team salesperson, who eased the pressure. This is a tried and tested sales process in action, and I would LOVE to see the data. I’m hungry for it.

But first, time for breakfast…

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