Shock Your Potential


Be Great

The Joyful Road to Imperfection

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Learning is a process. As long as we’re learning, we’re still growing. We are capable of more.

Yesterday’s podcast was with a talented and creative individual, Thomas C. Knox with Be Great Bowties. His is a unique business focused on one thing. Creating bow ties that make a statement.

I mentioned to him that when I showed my husband the, he immediately wanted one. And he wanted it to say Smile.

At that moment Thomas grasped on to the fact that, although he would make any word he could, he realized his website orders limited him to only 4 options. He didn’t have a “create your own” option…yet.

The other day I had a typo in my blog. It’s not the first time. As an English major (who sometimes can’t spell) I should be ashamed. But really, I was just kind of excited that someone was reading my stuff!

However, I looked closer to realize that in two of my blog platforms, I didn’t have spellcheck enabled.

I am learning.

Somewhere in the last 5 years I have thrown away my need to be perfect, and instead revel in the journey of imperfection. I strive to be better each day than the day before, but at no time will I reach perfection.

There is peace in that. And that makes me smile…


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