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Don’t Lick the Plate

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Is it rude to lick a plate in public? At a beautiful restaurant 37 floors up?

It is. I didn’t. I wanted to.

I was at R2L in Philly to meet with the Director of Sales, Vera Masi, to discuss marketing strategies. We were contemplating the changing role of meeting venues while she plied me with a cheese plate, risotto balls and truffle flat bread. I didn’t want to be rude, of course. I ate it all. Pretty much by myself. Don’t judge me.

She decided I needed to try their famous Warm Vanilla Cake. You have no idea from this pic how terribly wonderful this was.

It lasted about 4 minutes. Again, don’t judge me.

Our conversation was as dynamic as the food was amazing. I love working with people and businesses to find creative solutions to business challenges. People like Vera are always looking to learn, grow and adapt, never satisfied with status quo, or “good enough.”

As our meeting came to a close, the restaurant was beginning to fill with happy diners. I saw a bottle of champagne go by and smiled. I watched this team of personable and dedicated professionals striving to create the perfect evening. I saw smiles and kisses and joy.

And that was when I knew I couldn’t lick the plate. And get away with it…


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