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Membership Has Privileges

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I joined NSA last summer. To be transparent, I did it because it is expected. I didn’t believe it would benefit me.

I was so wrong.

Association membership has been a necessary evil throughout my career. Yes, conferences are fun and networking is great, but I never gained true value.

I almost didn’t go to this one, but it was in my backyard. I assumed that a conference of speakers, all competitors, would be a recipe for discomfort if not disaster.

Wrong again.

For 3 days I was totally immersed, engrossed, educated and challenged. I met people that were genuine, helpful, supportive, and crazy like me. I couldn’t wait to start each day and I hated for each session to end.

I have never experienced an event of this caliber of excellence and relevance. I look at my stack of NSA magazines that have gone almost entirely untouched, and am reading now with a keen eye and open mind.

Here’s what I know. I should have joined NSA 25 years ago when speaking was just part of my job. It would have changed my trajectory and moved me faster and farther. It would have shocked my potential.

Our theme was The Future of Speaking. After this conference, I see The Future of My Business.

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