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Mega Bus

A Mega Experience

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: A couple of years ago my husband announced that one day he wanted to take the Mega Bus to see what it was like. After all, $1 for a one-way Philly to NYC?

I pretty much avoided the subject any time he brought it up. I was not really excited about the idea. After all, $1 for a one-way Philly to Washington DC?

So he wore me down.

$15 one-way Philly to Baltimore. I wanted to sit in the very front on the top level, so I splurged on those prime seats. And I have to admit… it was a great ride!

The busses are nice and clean. Our fellow passengers were no different than those on Amtrak except for lack of suits. And the vantage point from the top deck was awesome! I saw things I never could see from a car or a train.

The drive over a bridge, however, was a little daunting.

I think sometimes I am numb to the term “disruptor.” It is thrown around to excess. But super cheap bus tickets do truly disrupt transportation. You can’t drive for that price, and nothing else comes close.

I will do it again, without hesitation. If only to disrupt my own sense of status quo. And to find out what else I can see.


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