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The Sweet Future of Honeygrow

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: This week I had the opportunity to hear Honeygrow CEO, Justin Rosenberg, speak about the the lifeline of his business.

Honeygrow is a fast-casual dining chain originated by Justin in Philly in 2012 and has now spread to other cities and states..

I was extremely impressed by this man of vision. He discussed the birth of the concept, the hard hours developing a solid business plan, the difficulty of pitching to investors, and the maturation and evolution of his model.

He also has a firm and realistic grasp of his data and uses it to make decisions that are innovative and, at times, brilliantly daring. But what really struck me was the variety of mediums he uses to interact with, maintain and attract new customers.

One of the best examples he gave was the power of the sample. Sample his food and you will be hooked. But sometimes sampling doesn’t yield immediate results. It takes patience. And ingenuity.

As I listened to him I realized that we use the term “out of the box thinking” often. And yet what is “in the box” thinking anymore?

Justin doesn’t even see a box. He sees opportunity.

Now to tattle on myself. I have yet to go into one of his restaurants. But I know where I’ll be going to lunch next week!

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