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Be the Match – Save a Life

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: When Robin Roberts of Good Morning America was diagnosed with MDS many years ago, she spoke about the importance of becoming a donor and registering at Be The Match.

I have a great respect for this woman whom I have been lucky enough to meet. Her story compelled me, knowing I might make a difference. I joined the registry. I haven’t received the call, but hope to one day.

Yesterday I met a man who’s story is beautiful, both in it’s pain and joy. He lost his wife this year to brain cancer. And this year he became a bone marrow donor. One terrible loss. One heartfelt gift.

Today he meets the woman who’s life he saved, and whose life he will save again. Her kidneys are shutting down from the avalanche of drugs she must take to fight her cancer and accept his marrow.

Later this year he will give her a kidney.

I met this man by chance, or by divine intervention. He is taking time off for self-discovery and healing. Meeting strangers, spending time with family. Changing the world by his selflessness in a time of such great loss.

I couldn’t think of a better way to say Happy Valentines Day than to share his story, and contemplate how we are all in this crazy life together. All one family. One pain. One love.


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