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Serving Excellence with Chopsticks

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I feel cooped up lately. Many weeks at home, working in my dungeon (aka basement office), mad at Punxsutawney Phil.

Soon my chaotic life of travel and speaking begins again. But last night I needed to get out.

Sampan in Philly is, by far, the best happy hour food menu in town. For $12 I had 2 chicken boa buns, 2 giant spring rolls and a large bowl of Kim Chee fried rice. Don’t judge me.

The food is always amazing, but sitting at the bar to watch the action is the real fun. The team is always professional, courteous and customer-focused. This a well-oiled machine.

The bartenders were Lamar, Nate and a trainee. Lamar, in particular, was welcoming and engaging, and gave me the sense that I was in his home being served his favorite meal. I eavesdropped as he was giving pointers to the trainee, impressed by his respectful tone and words.

Sometimes trainers are clearly bogged down or annoyed by their trainees. It takes more time and effort to be present to your trainee while still maintain the customer connection. After all, tips are on the line.

Lamar made it clear that both could be achieved. His actions spoke volumes of his character and of this restaurant.

Sampan truly delivers excellence, with chopsticks.


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