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A Little Sparkle in Training

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Nope. This is not a delicious cookie. It is not an art project from my grandson. It is a Lush bubble bar called Heart of Enlightened Expectation.

I bought it because of the glitter.

Next week I lead a 3 hour sales leadership training. I have been reminiscing about all the sales meetings I have sat through in my career before I began to lead them. I remember being bored, being tired, not feeling challenged. I remember laughing, being engaged, and writing notes rapidly.

I have sat on the edge of my seat, and I have been the first out the door.

What is the difference? Glitter.

Not literal glitter. That something that makes you lean forward, lean in and become engaged. The glitter that makes you nod your head and feel that your individual needs and challenges are acknowledged.

To leave that mark, I must become the person to whom I am speaking. I must know them, embrace their perspective, and feel their pain. I can’t paint my own picture without seeing the lines they see under the paint.

Glitter used to distract or sugarcoat is like presenting this bubble bar as a cookie. Glitter used to attract and highlight takes a serious message and makes it relatable and applicable.

And leave you sparkling with hope.


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