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Adversaries Into Allies

Writing a Wrong

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Lately I’ve been asked to share more examples of turning an experience from bad to good. Perhaps “writing a wrong?” So punny…

Lots of things come to mind, but a quote from Bob Burg’s “Adversaries into Allies” sticks with me. “Tact is the language of strength.”

And boy can that be difficult when emotions are high.

While taping an episode of my podcast recently, my guest, Hayley Burgin, gave me this pearl of wisdom.

She gave the example of checking into a hotel where there was a problem. Maybe the room wasn’t right, or something was wrong in the reservation.

She will say this to the person at the desk. “I know you’re going to need a few minutes to be able to work on this. I’m going to go into the restaurant and have a cup of tea. I’ll check back in a bit, or you can come find me.”

By giving this person space to breath, think and strategize, they will feel less stress from you. You gain perspective and reduce your own stress. And both parties can have a moment to regroup rather than emote.

After all, how comfortable is it having someone staring daggers at you across the desk while you try to fix a problem that most likely you didn’t create?

That is tact. And empathy. And strength. And likely an Ally.


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