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The Lost Art of Handwritten Cards

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Many years ago I decided to send a birthday card to all my family, and as many friends that I had contact info, for one whole year.

Darn New Year’s Resolutions…

I purchased the cards in one trip, selected for each person. That was a challenge in and of itself.

I would write in and address each card for the upcoming month, write the dates to mail on the envelope, and pop them in the mail as appropriate.

I made it the whole year. But then I was exhausted. It is so much easier to post a FB birthday greeting, especially when you have a built-in reminder. But I still feel a wee bit guilty every time I hit post.

This year I thought I’d try something new, and not so “all or nothing.” I want to send cards, actual cards, when it seems right. A thank you for a dinner party. A special note to a client. A handwritten testimonial to how I feel at the moment.

I look for creative cards with sparkle or fun. Enough to let you know I made a specific choice for you.

So far I’ve sent 3. I may lose focus after 6. But as the wise Flonase commercial says: 6 is greater than 1!

So I’ve got THAT going for me!

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