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Sales & Leadership in The Cocktail a Day

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: It is called the Butcher’s Old Fashioned. House infused bacon bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, orange and a cherry. And it was delicious! Even better, however, was the bartender Yara at Fare in Philadelphia.

She is the perfect mix of personality, interaction, food knowledge and cocktail crafting. She made the cocktail an experience.

I began a project 6 years ago on the sales and leadership lessons found in a great cocktail experience, and then put it aside due to time constraints. The Cocktail A Day.

It is time now to finish this project, finish the book, and gain some audiences to test my new talk.

If you’ve read my first leadership book “Tell Me More” you know the speaker and writer Jane Smith ends by announcing her second book. “A Cocktail a Day – a Journey in the Customer Experience.” Here we go!

Too bad I’ll have to also test a few more cocktails in the process. Life is so hard.

Here is YOUR assignment! Let me know the best cocktail you have had, not just because it was a lovely drink, but because the experience was phenomenal.

And if you have a sales meeting that is coming up and are willing to let me practice my new talk, message me. No costs to you. Just a chance to let me screw up. At least once.

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