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Justin Cohen

The Mask and Wig Club – a Philly Treasure

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Justin Cohen. Remember his name. One day he is going to be on Saturday Night Live.

We found the place by accident. Friends invited us last year to a play at a place called The Mask and Wig Club. None of us knew what to expect.

Turns out this nondescript theatre company has been around since 1889. Founded by Clayton Fotterall McMichael, it is the oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United State and a right of passage for creative U Penn students.

We were so impressed by last year’s performance “No Place Like Rome” that we couldn’t wait for this year’s “Juice Box Hero.” Pretty sure we were the only non-family or fellow student audience members, but who cares?

It was hard to get me off a stage in high school. I loved becoming a character and taking risks . I am certain it gave me sales confidence. I learned to adapt to my audience, and I see now how much that impacted my career trajectory.

Justin didn’t have the lead role as Agnes. He didn’t take top billing. He was often in the chorus, whenever needed.

But his talent was like a lighthouse in a storm. He drew our eyes and brought laughter flowing.

Proof truly that there are no small parts. When you make sure you steal the show.


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