Shock Your Potential



Colorful & Professional – Not Mutually Exclusive Terms

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Early in my career, I wore a suit everyday.

My suit was my uniform. I gave me confidence that I “looked the part” of a manager. I regret how much I spent on dry cleaning, but I see now why I hid in my suit.

In my 30’s I found the joy of shoes, providing balance to my nearly all black suit wardrobe. I let my personality shine through.

Several years ago I began to add crazy hair colors. I am a complete package!

Over the decades I have gained confidence and proven my business chops. I can show anything I want to the world. As long as I can back it up.

At one of my events, a woman came to tell me how much she enjoyed the training, and then said this. “I love your hair. I think it is so fun. I could never do that.”

This woman has a very important position. She has respect of her peers and has proven herself. She is me 25 years ago. In a black suit.

Yesterday she sent me a pic. She has a chunk of deep blue in her blond hair. It is fabulous!

The text reads: “You reminded me that I have already proven myself to others. I had to prove something to myself.”

I don’t need the world to have crazy hair, fabulous shoes or fun nails. Just believe in yourself enough to know you can. If you want to.

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