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Gold Star Feb 1

The Year of the Gold Star Continues – With Bumps

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am serious about Gold Stars. I feel like a kindergartner and I love it!

October 5 I decided to challenge myself to complete 3 major tasks each day. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, meditate and write in my journal. When I do all 3, I literally give myself a puffy Gold Star.And I am doing it for a full year.

To keep myself honest and motivated, I have each calendar on my office wall. Some completed, some beckoning. And as you can see, 3 empty days.

On Christmas and Jan 26 I forgot to journal. I forgot to meditate Jan 16. At first I beat myself up. How can you have a perfect year with a mistake? Would I have to start all over? Simply begin again?

Then I realized it is not about perfection. It is about the journey. I’m not perfect at anything else. I am simply a being in forward motion.

Many of you expressed a desire to try as well, making your Gold Star based on whatever is important to you. Who is on the journey with me? Who wanted to but hasn’t started? How do we support each other in our efforts to balance the personal in order to succeed at the professional?

I contemplated that this morning in yoga. Followed by our meditation. And then wrote about it in my journal. A trifecta!


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