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Morton Williams

Morton Williams – Podcast Episode 005

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Last fall I walked into a NYC supermarket that shocked me to my core. Never before had I seen a grocery store that seemed to be both an inviting store to stock my pantry and a living breathing work of “art.”

Morton Williams is a beautifully organized store, using every inch of space like a museum. Cereal boxes are all perfectly aligned, and you have the sense that if you took down one bottle of salsa, it would be replaced without you knowing before you turned around. The selection of foods at the “deli” is feast for the stomach, eyes and definitely the nose.

Watching the team flow effortlessly through their jobs made me admire the training plan. This business is smooth and I had to know more in my podcast interview with owner and VP Steve Sloan. Our talk covered their real business challenges, the focus for growth, and a commitment to keeping brick and mortar stores strong.

Morton Williams is a family-owned and operated food retailer of fifteen stores in New York Metropolitan area, in business since 1946. Each store is designed to reflect the needs of the individual neighborhood.

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