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huckleberry pie

Fear of Success – And Pie baking 101

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve been thinking lately about fear, experiencing a wide range of fear emotions over the past weeks. Some were serious fears for personal safety. A few have been funny, like my fear of baking a huckleberry pie after an 8 year hiatus.
I know. It isn’t pretty. At least it was delicious!

Other fears makes me ponder. Right now, a fear of success.

In the last year I have moved from the security of a high paying position to promoting myself as a speaker and writer. I recently launched my podcast. I have been searching for a book agent to join my journey for my second and third books. (Talk about getting comfortable with rejection!)

And in March I begin book talks around the country.

I fear failure. But I also fear success.

If you know Dr. Doolittle (and not the Eddie Murphy version) you know about the Push Me-Pull You. How many times in my life have I felt the push and pull of success at my fingertips? Excitement and fear at war.

I will continue to move forward. I must! But how many of us do so with these emotions battling each other?

What was the last thing you did to face your own fear of success? How did you power through and what did you learn? Give me courage. And remind us all to persevere.

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