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Kelly Hogan

I Love Kickboxing & Kelly Hogan

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: My scale is broken. There is no other logical explanation.

I exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Sure, I did place my walk yesterday in between hours playing spider solitaire.

I eat healthy. Sure, I did end the night with a piece of homemade huckleberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream. Someone had to have dessert in honor of all those people at the Grammys that couldn’t eat all day yesterday!

But come on! Gaining 2 lbs in a weekend just because I ate a truckload of cheese and then pasta bolognaise at a dinner party?

Our successes (or lack thereof) are the result of a series of choices. I say this while glancing at my package of red vines on my desk. But seriously, I have a dedicated focus 90% of the time.

Episode 005 of my podcast, however, highlights Kelly Hogan whose has 100% focus to the things that are most important to her.

We discuss her journey from stage to gym. Now part-owner in 3 I Love Kickboxing studios in WA, she also volunteers all over the world. And she has a personal mission to make sure people love themselves for exactly where and who they are. Today. Regardless of what the scale says.

Find the interview on various podcast sites like iTunes, or via

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