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Be Great Bowties

Be Great Bowties

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I was all set.  I had “written” out my whole post in my head while on my morning walk.  The brisk 26 degree air had my creative juices flowing.

Then I met Thomas C. Knox.

Almost home, my eyes were drawn to an unusual bowtie on a man.  His tie looked exactly like this picture, in fact.  So of course I had to compliment him.  And he stopped to talk for a moment.  Shook my hand.  Handed me his business card.

The interaction made me consider how well we each present ourselves and our businesses.  We have been taught to perfect our elevator pitch, and yet if we really think about it, is the elevator pitch the only way we want to be remembered?  Do we stand out in the crowd?  Do we leave an immediate and positive mental impression?

Thomas has a personality that, even within just a few brief moments, added light and laughter to my day.  He is his own walking billboard, no doubt.  And always having a card on hand is great business.

But his real product is a gracious nature and joyous aura.  And, of course, a bowtie that can stop traffic.


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