Restoring Faith in Humanity

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I feel like I’ve slipped on a banana peel. You know, like a cartoon character. With little birds flying above my head.

I strive every day to highlight the best examples I witness in leadership, sales and customer experiences. This pursuit means I am looking for the best in humanity. The best in people.

This weekend I had a truly traumatic experience that haunts me, and I am struggling to recover. I not only saw the worst in people. I was the recipient of such vile and vulgar behavior that I have hardly slept since. And for the first time in my life, I was afraid for my life.

Each morning I sit to write this post, and most often have too many things to write about. Yesterday I struggled to find the words from a dining experience that, just one week earlier, gave me such joy.

Today I am numb.

In a few hours I will be at Cooper Hospital, talking leadership with physicians. I will find my smile and my voice, even if forced at first.

I know it will buoy me a bit, just as it did to go for a walk yesterday. People smiled. One man complimented my purple hair. I will find joy again.

But today, I ask a favor. Compliment someone. Hold a door. Smile at a stranger. Buy their coffee. Remind me of our humanity.

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