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Bar Bacon


Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am not sure how to describe this. Except to say that it is clearly a beer and bacon flight. At a NYC restaurant called BarBacon.

Yep. You heard (or read) correctly.

Some great new friends I met in NYC suggested I try the place, and since I love bacon, it seemed a reasonable place for #secretshoppermichael to go. As per usual, I sat at the bar, and was taken care of by John.

The concept of this place is fantastic! It is fun and focused, and definitely unique. I hate to admit this, but I followed up this flight with a bacon-wrapped hot dog with a killer relish and homemade pickles. I am ridiculous!

John was fun to talk with, passionate about bacon, and serious about how good the food is. I was a bit distracted, waiting on the final upload of my podcast to iTunes, and yet this team was engaging and fun to watch. I wonder if you have to prove your love of bacon during an interview.

I planned to write today about my amazing meal from Monday night, but after BarBacon, this story bumped it a day. I will be back again to try more yummy things. Or maybe just to have the same meal all over again.

I hope they have a defibrillator on site. I might just need it…

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