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Sports Zone Elite

The Podcast Launches! Shock Your Potential

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The last few months I have interviewed numerous talented and dedicated business professionals for my podcast, and am pleased to say that it is live and available!

I chose Michael Dahan, CEO of Sports Zone Elite for Episode 1. A talented man with a great name!

Michael and I connected months ago when I read his article on LinkedIn. He was frustrated that his team wasn’t as passionate about KPIs (key performance indicators) as he was. During a meeting break, however, he listened to people compare fantasy football stats, giving him an idea. Why not put the same kind of stats and friendly competition into measuring team results?

By giving each person a scorecard, Michael was able to redirect focus, gaining commitment to KPIs in a whole new way. In a sports-based company (even if sneakerheads never wear his product on the court), this is magic.

You can find this episode on iTunes right now at and soon on Stitcher and Google Play.

To learn more about Sports Zone Elite, checkout

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for the launch of my podcast! I hope you enjoy! If you do, please rate it. If you don’t, no need to share. ? And of course, download and subscribe!

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