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Podcast Websites

Podast Websites

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’m just hours away from the launch of my podcast. I can hardly comprehend how much this journey has impacted me, both as a platform to enhance my writing and speaking, and as a new adventure.

I have worked with Podcast Websites to create my website and learn how to do all this. They have taught me to navigate this strange new and very technical world and never once laughed at me. That I could hear.

I have worked most closely with Daniel Ocock on the design of my site. He has proven to be creative, supportive and exceptionally professional. I also happen to adore his accent, as the company is based out of the UK. Thankfully he seems able to accept my accent without need for an interpreter.

The support team answers questions at all hours of the day and night. These people never sleep! They have blown my mind by how rapidly they respond to my clearly brilliant questions. They, of course, can sense my complete grasp of all things tech.

In the last hours before I share this with the world, I am reminded how lonely it can feel to be your own “company,” but only by the contrast of having such a great team right by my side. Across the pond. And with a fabulous accent.

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