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Lush Loot

Lush Loot

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There is a slight possibility that I am addicted to this company. I’d like to say I can quit anytime, but that would be a lie. Lush, I can’t quit you!

Yesterday I treated a friend to a spa treatment that, for me, had been life changing. Ok, I realize that sounds melodramatic, but when I had the Synaethesia treatment last summer, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the connection between massage for the body and balm for the soul.

While there, I had to restock my bubble bar collection. And pick up 1 or 2 (maybe 4) impulse purchases. And I had the opportunity to watch this team in action.

I did a sales leadership training with this team last spring, so I adore them. But I also watch them with a critical eye.

As with any retail sales training I do, I discuss how no customer is never “just looking.” Every time I say that, people jump out of their chairs to tell me I am wrong. I love it! Then we talk about how to counteract.

This team clearly takes the concept seriously and is a joy to watch in action.

Maximizing sales requires you to “listen” to a customer in a different way. Great products are important , but an engaged and committed team is the secret sauce. And in my view, Lush has the right recipe for both!

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