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Ivy Why More

Ivy Why More!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Monday January 15 is the day! The launch of my podcast is almost here and I am so excited!

One of the first 4 episodes I will air will feature a beautiful artist whose products I have highlighted once before. Ivy Why Designs creator and artist Lorisa has a story that you will love, and makes jewelry that you will love even more.

I follow her daily on Instagram, watching her creations come to life. Sometimes she shows finished product. Sometimes the raw materials. Each piece has a story.

Recently I commented on one stone. The blue apatite pictured in the top right caught my eye. Next thing I knew, that ring, and another of Lorisa’s choosing for me, showed up with hand-written note and a tiny sweet wooden heart as her thanks for interviewing her.

So many people I know support me. It literally makes me feel warm inside! And no, I’m not having a hot flash.

I wonder if they know how much that means to me? It is easy to support people in words. Words plus action speaks volumes.

I am proud to support this artist whom I now call friend. And when you see her work, you will know that a little bit of her heart and soul goes into every creation. And stays with you, forever.

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