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Lodging a Complaint

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “Michael, do you see the world through rose colored glasses?” is a question I get often.

Nope. I prefer dark brown Maui Jims.

I choose only to write about the positive because I believe in praising in public, and coaching in private. Dirty laundry gets aired too often and easily in public.

I recently, however, had a horrendous experience with a company that I have done business with for decades. It nagged in the recesses of my mind for days.

I don’t like emotions to guide the keyboard, but when I got an email acknowledging my experience, wanting to know if I would still refer people to them, I was shocked.

I’m not going to lie. A wee bit of emotion came out right then when I decided to lodge my complaint form. But still I tried to be thoughtful and focused, fair but honest. Clear and direct.

I got a VM. And then an email.

Every point was addressed, one by one. Departments were looped in with promises for additional feedback. They took responsibility with genuine apologies, and never once deflected or placed blame elsewhere. They regained my full trust.

As I debated on writing this post, my booking agent asked me if I would ever share ways to deal with poor service.

There’s your sign…

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