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Snowy Porch

The Power of a Snow Shovel

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: When my son was 2 we lost my (now ex) husband’s grandfather. Harvey was an incredibly wonderful man, and more like a father to my husband. With the family 300 miles away, we decided that he would go alone.

Not long after he left, snow began to fall. It became one of the snowiest winters on record. I became a shut in, unable to keep up with both the snow and a 2 year old.

I awoke that night around 3am to the sound of a snow blower. A lone figure in a full snowsuit and goggles was plowing my walkway and sidewalk, then moving on to the next house. I dubbed him “The Mysterious Snow Blower Man.”

He came every night for weeks, always in the dead of night, and never revealing himself.

Yesterday, while on a call, I heard the scraping of a shovel. By the time I finished my call, my sidewalk and porch were clear and the “Mysterious Snow Shoveler” was no where to be seen. I was transported back decades.

I live on a block with the best people. We watch out for each other. We grab boxes left on porches. We have a block party twice a year. And we take care of each other’s snowy sidewalks.

Leadership isn’t always about business. It is also a thousand small gifts of kindness.

And the power of a shovel.

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