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Fizz and Bubble

Fizz & Bubble

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The first time I went to Mexico, I wanted to have pretty feet for the whole trip. I brought polish and lotion, and a foot scrub. Called Beach. Yep. It had sand. I wasn’t too bright those days.

Last week I was in the beautiful Caribbean every day, and my face and skin loved the constant salt water. I am pretty sure I look at least 6 months younger!

Unfortunately my lips didn’t fare as well. My lip balm addiction couldn’t keep up. This time I felt it would be overboard to bring a lip scrub on the trip. Apparently I am still not too bright.

I looked at this well used jar this morning, struck my how much I love lotions and potions and fizzy bath things. And how a couple days of pineapple coconut brought me out of the 14 degree Northeast weather and back to the Caribbean.

Our lives are busy, filled with stressors and condensed time. But simple things can ease the pressure and give us the simplest of joys.

What simple pleasures and products give you a “vacation” of the mind and soul?

By the way, if you read my post about the “painkillers” we drank in the British Virgin Islands, this lip scrub also smells exactly like them. Minus the rum….

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