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Poo Pourri

Poo-Pourri – A Delightful Experience!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: My husband was both proud of and mortified by my decision to write about Poo-Pourri today. Should I be concerned that he took his passport and suitcase to work with him?

But in the end (no pun intended), I had no choice. I am nothing if not a researcher and consumer, and teller of truth.

I have seen Poo-Pourri discretely displayed in the bathrooms of my friends, and yet I have never asked them about it. I mean, really! How does THAT conversation start?

If you are dreading getting back into work mode today, I dare you to watch their commercials. Just perhaps not at your cubicle. Although I don’t like bodily function jokes, this company has made me a convert. I will never look at Santa the same….

This is what I know. The advertising platform and package experience is out of this world. This company has taken a completely taboo subject and “prettied it up,” as my mother would say. They take their product seriously but ensure that the message is enjoyable.

They also have someone who’s title is Happiness Manager. How awesome is that!

The best marketing can’t sell a bad product. They best product can’t sell without solid marketing. This company finds success on both ends.

(I’m sorry. I can’t help myself.)

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